Posthaven launches fast, beautiful image galleries

We're proud to announce fast, simple, beautiful image galleries are now available on Posthaven. You can upload multiple files all at the same time (press the SHIFT key when selecting files) and our post editor will upload them directly to Amazon S3 where we'll host them for you. One thing we were super careful of this time is that we now preserve the order in which you upload — you've asked for this and we made sure it happened.

When they're ready, they'll appear in the compose window and they'll look like this:

Just click on it and you'll be greeted with a simple way to upload more photos to that gallery, combine that gallery with other images in the same post, or pop individual ones out. 

It's a great way to tell stories. We've also revamped our image gallery code on your blogs. They're the fastest galleries available on the web because we automatically pre-load all images in the background so that your blog viewers can flip through all the photos instantly with as little loading time as possible. Use the arrow keys to flip from left to right too! 

You can also click on the photos themselves and see full screen versions now too. Here's a real live one you can play with right now:

We also updated the mini previews at the top of every gallery so that they are more compact and elegant no matter how many photos you upload to a given gallery. 

All of this is available now at Posthaven. We're working hard to make this the best and most durable place to post. Thanks for your support. 

Thanks for importing! Sign up is available again.

Thanks to everyone who signed up and imported from Posterous before their shutdown! It has been a hectic week making sure all the extra imports were running smoothly but now Garry and I are very excited to get back to focusing on Posthaven features. We've re-opened signups and added some information about our roadmap on our pledge page.

With our work on features in mind we are not going have time to support import from the Posterous backup .zip files in the near term. If got caught off guard by the Posterous shutdown and were unable to move your data beforehand but still want to preserve it, then I encourage you to signup for a free Wordpress account and use the Wordpress export XML file included in your Posterous backup to import to Wordpress as soon as possible.

There are a few very good reasons to do this even if you do not intend to use Wordpress over the long term:

  • The Wordpress export XML file references higher quality images files than those included in the Posterous archive .zip and Wordpress will download and re-host these files for you, but...
  • Posterous import to Wordpress using that file will only be fully functional until May 31st after which Posterous will stop hosting all the media files referenced by the Wordpress XML exports.
  • Given the nature and potentially huge size of these Posteorus zip archives my guess is that not many sites will support importing directly from them. Having your content re-hosted by Wordpress will mean that later you will be able to export from Wordpress in a format that is widely accepted. (Posthaven will likely offer Wordpress import at some point too, but again, for the time being we are heads down working on adding new functionality.)

One step closer to Posterous parity: Autopost to Twitter and Facebook

Brett and I continue to be busy working on all the features you know and loved from Posterous. Here's the latest -- now you can add Facebook and Twitter autopost to your sites. It's on a per-site basis right now, but once you've linked your account it's one click to add them to your other sites (if you have others). 

We'll be adding Facebook Pages, Google+,, and LinkedIn shortly. Commenting and post by email are both also very high on the list, so expect those in the near future. As you know, we're implementing what took us years to do previously, but we're trying to do it in just a matter of months! We appreciate your patience. 

There's only 5 days left for Posterous users to switch. If you made the switch, please let your friends know on Facebook, Twitter, and your old Posterous blog. You can give them the link to the definitive migration guide here:

Thanks for your support -- we can use all the help we can get to get the word out. 

New Features: Pages, Links and Menus

Now you can edit, add, and delete pages, links and menus. 

  • Pages are just like posts -- they contain text, and any type of media. 
  • Links point to another website -- any URL

There's one navigation menu at the top of every site, and you can also create additional menus that will appear at the bottom of the left hand sidebar of your Posthaven. You can get to Pages & Links in the Site Settings area of any site. 

There are only 14 days left to import your posts from Posterous. Don't get left out in the cold.

We're looking forward to bringing you a lot more, as soon as we can. It took a larger team years to make all the things you liked about Posterous, and we're trying to do it in a few months. Thanks for your support, from both Brett and I.