Add Contributors To Your Posthaven Blogs!

We're happy to announce Posthaven now supports multiple contributors per blog.

On your Posthaven dashboard in the settings for your site you will now find a "Contributors" tab where you can add and manage contributors. The owner of each email you add will be able create new posts on your site via email right away. They will also have the option to create a free contributor-only Posthaven account so that they can post via the web and edit their posts on your site.

Contributors who create an account and add a name to their profile will be listed on your blog and have their posts attributed to them. See this in action on our blog and on this post.

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Tremendous! Good news, this!
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I'm loving seeing all the functionality you are bringing on board and I particularly love that it is all so easy to use. A joy!
This feature is one of the main reasons I used Posterous and joined Posthaven! I am so glad that this has been added!!
It seems like you can't add any contributor who already has a Posthaven account? When I try, I get an error message "A contributor with that email address already exists."
Bethany, You can definitely add contributors who already have Posthaven accounts. That error means you tried to add an email address of a user who is already a contributor on your site (and listed under their other, primary email address). Feel free email us if you need more specific help with this (
I figured out what I was doing wrong, thanks!
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