New Advanced Feature: Add Custom CSS To Your Site

We're still hard at work getting themes ready for Posthaven sites, but in the meantime we've added a way to change the look and feel of your site for advanced users. If you know CSS you can now add CSS code to all the pages on your site. Find it on the Advanced tab in your site's settings on the dashboard:



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Thanks for this... definitely useful. The other tiny change that would make this even more useful for code-heavy-posts is a button in the editor to easily add blocks that doesn't require editing the HTML (often hard and messy currently)... or just allowing posts to be written in Markdown which would be my preference. Can't wait for full theming!
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not now
Do you have any samples or a code I can use?
Not specifically about css but I noticed that upvotes and comments seem to be added together to result in a number of responses. Seems to me that responses should refer only to the number of comments posted.
want moar!
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Here's a second vote for markdown support.
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Any ETA on the themes?
Yeah, hard to really commit to Posthaven without themes.
WHEN is theming coming out? Can we help beta test themes? This is the 1 thing that is holding back our widespread use of Posthaven for our client projects. This blog post is 5 months old - can we get an ETA or at least an update? We're ready to fully support Posthaven but need to custom theme!
when will we have an android app for posthaven?
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How about an import within the blog? So users can suck up posts from another of their (say wordpress) blogs and have them in their posthaven blog? And yes themes please - its been very long. I know we're already being charged for posthaven but its close to impossible to take it seriously without themes. I find myself keeping my wordpress version of my blog as the primary and posthaven as the 'backup' when I so want it to be the other way around. Thanks.
An update would be nice.
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Please launch theming! Thanks guys!
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I believe you are lying, albeit even if your intentions are the best. I don't beieve that anyone is working on theming at the moment, if you mean by "working" that someone is "actively writing code." Quit promising what you aren't delivering. Posthaven is a fine blogging tool; just leave it at that.
Aloha Posthaven! Let's get so themes going!
What's the status on themes? Haven't heard anything in a while...
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You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the future with Posthaven.
Good job on the site, but more updates on development and the status on themes would be helpful.
Been supporting the site since start, but the lack of development updates is inexcusable. Please keep us more in the loop.
9 months since the last update - have you forsaken us?
I doubt we've been forsaken. The site is still up, and our blogs still functional. I agree that we should be provided more information, perhaps small updates saying we're doing this or that, and I hope the team catches on this outcry and establishes a customer service individual whose main responsibility is keeping us updated. In the meantime, they did mention this would be the hardest part of Posthaven, a feature they rushed for Posterous and wants to avoid here, so I can see why they are taking a while. I've been a customer since day -1, and am also frustrated by the lack of updates, but I'm hopeful they will remember their commitment and pledge.
"Theming — We're working with friends of ours at Viget Labs to bring a world-class theme engine based on Shopify's Liquid gem. That's in progress and we expect to be able to have an early version of it before end of year, along with a few new looks. The best part of it is you'll be able to use full HTML, CSS, and even HAML/SASS. " So like the "end of year" (above post was made 24 Nov 2014) has come and gone and we're into the new year. Wheres the theming? I moved from Posterous to Posthaven, have been fully supportive, but this theme issue (or rather LACK of) is getting seriously OLD. March 2013 to Jan 2015 to build a theme engine is a really LONG time. Should have given us a mid-tier theme engine first while working on the world-class one (that would eventually incorporate the themes from the mid-tier engine). All this waiting is making posthaven look very sketchy. Users don't want to keep switching hosting sites, but at the rate you guys are going, we are probably going to.
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