New feature: Realtime search and browse-able Archive page

You've asked for it and it's here. Search on every Posthaven blog. Try it now from the homepage of any blog, in the sidebar:

You can also click Archive to get a browse-able archive of every post thus far. 

Search on the archive page is actually 100% realtime thanks to the amazing Algolia Search API, which is the underlying service we use to deliver such a lighting fast feature. 

More from us shortly, but enjoy and let us know if you run into any problems.



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Cool, but the archive page and search results exhibit the weird side scrolling on the iPhone again.
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Fab! Thanks :-)
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It is very fast but not without strange flaws:
ROC — Algolia by default does a typo-detection. I was going to leave it in since it's pretty helpful.
I suppose you don't have typo-detection for Dutch :-) Never mind, it works fine for me.
Assuming it takes some time to index all blogs? I can see the search box on my blog but no Archives or search results. works for me — what browser / OS are you using?
Hi Gary, I did some investigation and found that a security plugin I run on Firefox was the issue. The plugin is called Requestpolicy and blocks cross-site requests for content. I had to enable to request content from for the Archives pages to load.
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Any chance you can give us an ETA on themes?
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Do you know when we will have themes to choose from? Thanks!
Being able to rotate orientation of pics in the editor (or in the gallery editor) like on Posterous would be super. Please ETA on themes...even the most basic Posterous-like theme?
Five blog posts in fifteen months is not enough to keep up user interest or the appearance that keeping your customers informed is a priority. They need to be monthly at the very least.
Agree with above post. The lack of communication of timeline and status, along with the ongoing delays, implies a lack of concern and/or understanding with regard to providing a service to paying customers. Unlike posterous (which was a super service), we are not on board "for free" this time. We moved our blogs over two years ago and started paying the monthly fee shorty afterward when posthaven decided they were finished beta testing. Yet current platform seems very much still a beta.
Here's where we are at. The backend theme engine is done. I need to clean and polish the themes and those will launch, and devs will get access to write their own themes. I wanted to have this out earlier but frankly life has intervened. I'm writing to you right now from a hospital room in San Francisco. My mom has been sick and now must undergo a heart bypass surgery. I don't have more than that to share. We remain committed to the platform and continue to work on it.
Hi Garry, so sorry to hear that your having problems and can fully understand how they impact on delivery. However, even news that there is no news but work is ongoing (or delayed or derailed) is good for customer relations. Silence is a killer for user confidence. Meanwhile, I hope all goes well for you.
The fact that there's a spam comment that has survived for 3 months speaks volumes as to how dedicated the posthaven team is to keep working on the platform, in my humble opinion.
Alex, such power! You got the spam comment removed!
Wow, who'd have thought, Elizabeth xD
We are paying for this service. It's stable and it works, which is great - but, we do need to hear from you, Posthaven and just have some updates. Even just to let us know there are delays in themes. Anything! PLEASE!!!
I agree. These guys are too busy with Y Combinator and other pursuits they forgot about us. I will likely never use a service these people are behind. Gary and team, for God sake, don't build a business if you can't run a business. Do you even belong with Y Combinator helping startups when you can't run a startup?
I'm eagerly awaiting by the way, not that it matters, but they seem to have forward movement.
Hi guys. We didn't start this to get rich or make a money. We did it because we need it ourselves. We're making good on our promise to keep it up forever. Not to be morbid, but as long as I live I'm going to work on it, and I've written it into my will such that a foundation will be formed in case something happens to me before we can turn this into a full-on non profit. I'm sorry you guys are upset and we're gonna try to make good on this OK?
Please do! Few of us know what it is like running a business, and there is a lot going on we don't really see or understand. You need time? Fine. Tell us. You have a blog right here. And stop giving dates if you aren't committed to that date. I'd rather not hear you are working on a new feature instead of you saying we expect themes in the first half of the year and here we are the second half and still nothing. My question is this: how are you going to make good on this?
Writing the software. Frankly, there's no other way.
Thanks Gary! Good to know you're still working on it. Looking forward to updates :)
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