New Features: LinkedIn Autopost, and Better Timezone Support

Now you can autopost to LinkedIn profiles. Just go to your Settings > Autopost tab and click LinkedIn to hook up your account:

We've also updated the post editor so that you can easily change the display date of a post using your local time zone, which is automatically detected from your computer. The date also appears on the post URL in the sidebar, automatically set to the correct time for your blog reader based on their current time zone as well. 

New features are coming as soon as we can write them. Thanks for your continued support!

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It is great to see, posthaven living up to its promises of adding new features continually. I am still waiting for one major feature though, before signing up for the service. Though I find posthaven awesome as a simple blogging platform and I love its simplicity, all blogs seem pretty raw and boring right now. Can you guys please tell me, when should I expect the themes/styling option ?
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Love the service, but we need autoposting to wordpress blogs sometime soon so that we can really very easily keep our blog fed with postings from here. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and yes I am a paying customer
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