New Features: Pages, Links and Menus

Now you can edit, add, and delete pages, links and menus. 

  • Pages are just like posts -- they contain text, and any type of media. 
  • Links point to another website -- any URL

There's one navigation menu at the top of every site, and you can also create additional menus that will appear at the bottom of the left hand sidebar of your Posthaven. You can get to Pages & Links in the Site Settings area of any site. 

There are only 14 days left to import your posts from Posterous. Don't get left out in the cold.

We're looking forward to bringing you a lot more, as soon as we can. It took a larger team years to make all the things you liked about Posterous, and we're trying to do it in a few months. Thanks for your support, from both Brett and I.