New Features: Now you can set posts to private, add and remove tags, and edit your post dates

Hi guys -- Brett and I are super busy bringing everything you liked about Posterous back to Posthaven. Here's one of the more basic features that you've been requesting. 

Just hit the post editor (edit a post or click New Post) and now you'll be able to change your tags, set posts to private, and edit the date associated with your post. 

We're working every day to bring back the things you want. Upcoming features this week include video and audio transcoding, editing pages and links, and autopost to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

As always, email us anytime at if you have questions. Thanks for your support. 



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How does the private post feature work? I took the URL and pasted it into another browser and read it. I sent it to my wife and she accessed it as well. So that means that anybody who has that URL can read the post then, right?
I don't quite understand how this works. I had hoped that by choosing the same date setting for a number of posts that I made yesterday they would all be posted at the same time and my "contributors" would get just one email alerting them to the posts. However to get the date function to work I had to enter a tag. I really don't know what a tag is or its function. Any way I made up a tag for each posting, but so far no emails have gone out to contributors even though I set the display date as December 25 at 11 pm.
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