One step closer to Posterous parity: Autopost to Twitter and Facebook

Brett and I continue to be busy working on all the features you know and loved from Posterous. Here's the latest -- now you can add Facebook and Twitter autopost to your sites. It's on a per-site basis right now, but once you've linked your account it's one click to add them to your other sites (if you have others). 

We'll be adding Facebook Pages, Google+,, and LinkedIn shortly. Commenting and post by email are both also very high on the list, so expect those in the near future. As you know, we're implementing what took us years to do previously, but we're trying to do it in just a matter of months! We appreciate your patience. 

There's only 5 days left for Posterous users to switch. If you made the switch, please let your friends know on Facebook, Twitter, and your old Posterous blog. You can give them the link to the definitive migration guide here:

Thanks for your support -- we can use all the help we can get to get the word out.