Onwards! Post editing options, export, and an update on our next theming and commenting updates

Hello from the Posthaven team. Don't worry, we're still tending to the site. We've been adding little things that might be hard to notice so we thought we'd call out a bunch of them out. 

Switch posts between blogs — You can now click Post Settings on a post you're editing and switch the blog. This was an oft-requested feature we just didn't get to early on, but is pretty obvious that you'd want it when you think about it. 

Export — Your content is yours, so you can switch whenever you want. While logged in, just visit https://posthaven.com/exports and you can easily export any of your Posthaven blogs to Wordpress format. 

The stuff above is ready to rock, so try it out. We've also got a few things on deck that we'd like to share with you. Here's what's coming next...

Theming — We're working with friends of ours at Viget Labs to bring a world-class theme engine based on Shopify's Liquid gem. That's in progress and we expect to be able to have an early version of it in early 2015, along with a few new looks. The best part of it is you'll be able to use full HTML, CSS, and even HAML/SASS. 

Commenting improvements — We'll be doing more on commenting, letting you selectively close posts for comment, as well as letting your commenters login using Facebook/Twitter. 

Thanks for your support and for sticking with Posthaven. We will do you proud. 

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Thanks a lot for the update =)
Thank you for the update. Keep up the good work.
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I am very much looking forward to your new theme possibilities!
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Anything new?
Thanks for the update!
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Last day of the year and no theming. What's going on? My biggest complaint is the side scrolling for no reason on my iPhone. Any fix for this? How about cover images for posts?
Any update on the timeline??
Happy new year Noah. I'll work on the side scrolling right now.
Thanks guys for the update! I feel much better about the roadmap now. Keep it up and keep the updates coming!
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Early 2015 is gone, where are the themes?
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