Posthaven launches fast, beautiful image galleries

We're proud to announce fast, simple, beautiful image galleries are now available on Posthaven. You can upload multiple files all at the same time (press the SHIFT key when selecting files) and our post editor will upload them directly to Amazon S3 where we'll host them for you. One thing we were super careful of this time is that we now preserve the order in which you upload — you've asked for this and we made sure it happened.

When they're ready, they'll appear in the compose window and they'll look like this:

Just click on it and you'll be greeted with a simple way to upload more photos to that gallery, combine that gallery with other images in the same post, or pop individual ones out. 

It's a great way to tell stories. We've also revamped our image gallery code on your blogs. They're the fastest galleries available on the web because we automatically pre-load all images in the background so that your blog viewers can flip through all the photos instantly with as little loading time as possible. Use the arrow keys to flip from left to right too! 

You can also click on the photos themselves and see full screen versions now too. Here's a real live one you can play with right now:

We also updated the mini previews at the top of every gallery so that they are more compact and elegant no matter how many photos you upload to a given gallery. 

All of this is available now at Posthaven. We're working hard to make this the best and most durable place to post. Thanks for your support.