Posthaven launches post by email, and is self-sustaining with your support!

It's here. Now all Posthaven users can send email to and attach photos, video, audio, documents and files of any kind. We process it and turn into the blog post you've come to know and love. 

By customizing the email address you send to, you can also control:

You can also combine the above flags by emailing, and that would post images with no gallery to and also autopost it to twitter. 

For more info, please read the help page at:

Posthaven is self-sustaining!

We're also pleased to announce that Posthaven is now in the monthly paid period and has reached profitability! This means that no matter what, we'll be able to keep the servers online and keep working on making this the best possible place to post. We continue to focus on building new features, including all the things you've been asking for: multiple contributors, email subscriptions, and theme customization. 

Thanks for your support. Please spread the word! 

Read more coverage in Techcrunch by Kim-Mai Cutler

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Great to hear it's profitable - good news for us all!
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Congrats Garry. Both great accomplishments.
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Good news, well done :o) It is exciting to see how things are going on. Wouldn´t this be the right time to change this dark and gloomy background picture of the welcome page?
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Yes, it's fantastic to hear Posthaven is self-sustaining!
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Just jumped aboard!
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