Posthaven now supports commenting and upvotes

We've been working hard getting new features to you as soon as we can. Here's the latest — we've added the ability for your visitors to leave comments. You'll get email notifications when they do comment, and you can turn these off by editing your email settings (either click the link in the email, or go to Dashboard > Your Account

We'll be adding daily digests for comments as soon as we can. For now, you'll be able to either get your comment notifications immediately, or you can turn them off. 

Built-in anti-spam
Anyone can leave a comment by default, but we do run anti-spam software so that you don't get lots of annoying spam comments. The worst your real visitors will see when trying to comment will be a captcha, powered by Recaptcha, but we only do that if we think the comment looks like spam. 

What's next for commenting?
In addition to daily / weekly comment digests, over the coming days we'll be adding Facebook / Twitter login, the ability to close comments automatically if the posts are old, e.g. 90 days (which will be configurable), and comment-by-email (once post by email is ready).

Easily disable commenting
Don't want commenting? No worries. You can turn it off by going to your Site Settings and just set it to disabled:

We also introduced a new concept: Upvotes. This was the same as "favorites" from Posterous, and if you have imported faves, they'll automatically show up as upvotes now. We were inspired by Reddit, and upvotes are always nice gestures that show people that as readers, you care. No login is required to do an upvote, so it's a great way to give people some love for their posts. Try it on this one. =)

Thanks again for your support. We'll keep shipping these features as soon as we can.