Roundup of Smaller New Features

Here's a quick post to highlight a few smaller features we've added that didn't merit full blog posts. 

Comment By Email

When you get a comment notification email now you can reply to that email to create a new comment and keep the conversation going. We needed to make sure this was in place as part of our current effort to get email subscribers and multiple contributor support ready.

Advanced Site Settings

When you got to "Settings" for you site you will now see an "Advanced" tab where we have added a few things users have been asking for. Here are a couple highlights:

  • Google Analytics integration. Get a free account with Google Analytics and add your tracking ID to get better data about who is visiting your Posthaven blog.
  • Per site profiles. If you have multiple sites and do not want them all using your main Posthaven profile identity you can use this to override the name and bio that get displayed on a per site basis.

It's back to work for us. As always get in touch at with comments, questions or to say hello.



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Great work! 2 requests for the next update: - PubSubHubbub RSS feeds? They would propagate faster! - SubToMe: This would ease subscriptions because copying and pasting urls is too hard and does not work on mobile/tablets!
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So we only have to insert our Google Analytics tracking ID one time--on the advanced page--and not on every post. Just want to confirm.
Yes, that is correct, Gregory.
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