Thanks for importing! Sign up is available again.

Thanks to everyone who signed up and imported from Posterous before their shutdown! It has been a hectic week making sure all the extra imports were running smoothly but now Garry and I are very excited to get back to focusing on Posthaven features. We've re-opened signups and added some information about our roadmap on our pledge page.

With our work on features in mind we are not going have time to support import from the Posterous backup .zip files in the near term. If got caught off guard by the Posterous shutdown and were unable to move your data beforehand but still want to preserve it, then I encourage you to signup for a free Wordpress account and use the Wordpress export XML file included in your Posterous backup to import to Wordpress as soon as possible.

There are a few very good reasons to do this even if you do not intend to use Wordpress over the long term:

  • The Wordpress export XML file references higher quality images files than those included in the Posterous archive .zip and Wordpress will download and re-host these files for you, but...
  • Posterous import to Wordpress using that file will only be fully functional until May 31st after which Posterous will stop hosting all the media files referenced by the Wordpress XML exports.
  • Given the nature and potentially huge size of these Posteorus zip archives my guess is that not many sites will support importing directly from them. Having your content re-hosted by Wordpress will mean that later you will be able to export from Wordpress in a format that is widely accepted. (Posthaven will likely offer Wordpress import at some point too, but again, for the time being we are heads down working on adding new functionality.)